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The following Tables give you quick results of the Hottest, Coldest, Best Position, Best Monthly, Best Day and other numbers drawn based on different criteria.

Use these numbers alone or in conjunction with the "Worksheet For Beginners" under Toolkits to refine them according to your own preferences.

Some of the Numbers are NOT in order. The POWERBALL Number is included; however, you should also try the "Frequency Table Powerball" under Analytics on the Menu Bar to find other best POWERBALL numbers with the Regular Numbers.

When playing any Lottery, it's important to keep in mind the maximum amount of money that you want to spend. So only use a selection of the following - they're intended for groups who pool their money to buy lots of tickets.

Note: Observations from previous draws have indicated that although these numbers (coldest numbers have the lowest frequencies) have high frequencies, the highest frequencies together have rarely won the Jackpot.

The Numbers are updated after each draw and some will change depending on the numbers drawn. Sums refer to the addition of the Regular Numbers Only.

If the POWERBALL number is "blank", it means that at least one POWERBALL Number has not been drawn within the last year and therefore the number(s) are colder than one year.

The current Powerball game started in January 18, 2012, so some of the sections might be "blank" or"empty" or "repetitive" until more draws and years pass.

Hottest Numbers Overall23,28,54,32,8PowerBall7
Hottest Numbers For Past Year69,24,26,32,17PowerBall9
Hottest Numbers for Past 2 Years23,28,32,61,69PowerBall9
Hottest Numbers for Past 3 Years32,28,16,23,52PowerBall9
Hottest Numbers For Positions 1 to 5 Overall1,12,25,52,59PowerBall7
Hottest Numbers, Positions 1 to 5, Past Year1,24,32,41,69PowerBall9
Hottest Numbers, Positions 1 to 5, For Past 2 Years1,20,32,53,69PowerBall9
Coldest Numbers35,4,47,43,27PowerBall
Coldest Numbers For Past Year40,31,27,64,60PowerBall
Coldest Numbers For Past 2 Years43,38,14,55,51PowerBall
Hottest Numbers For Month ofApril39,1,19,8,33PowerBall20
Hottest Numbers, Past 3 Years, Month ofApril61,23,62,8,9PowerBall13
Hottest Numbers Normally Drawn
on Day 21
Best Prime Numbers Overall23,3,13,17,29PowerBall7
Best Prime Numbers Over Past Year17,59,19,23,53PowerBall7
Best Numbers From Sums 15 to 691,4,11,18,35PowerBall3
Best Numbers From Sums 70 to 791,7,9,22,32PowerBall25
Best Numbers From Sums 80 to 891,7,10,23,49PowerBall24
Best Numbers From Sums 90 to 995,11,19,26,42PowerBall19
Best Numbers From Sums 100 to 1095,7,21,23,43PowerBall18
Best Numbers From Sums 110 to 1192,18,24,29,53PowerBall24
Best Numbers From Sums 120 to 1294,12,25,32,51PowerBall17
Best Numbers From Sums 130 to 1391,18,29,34,59PowerBall29
Best Numbers From Sums 140 to 14914,13,26,43,54PowerBall28
Best Numbers From Sums 150 to 1598,24,34,45,48PowerBall9
Best Numbers From Sums 160 to 16911,24,27,47,55PowerBall7
Best Numbers From Sums 170 to 1798,26,32,44,59PowerBall16
Best Numbers From Sums 180 to 18912,30,40,47,58PowerBall6
Best Numbers From Sums 190 to 1999,32,42,54,59PowerBall15
Best Numbers From Sums 200 to 28523,28,50,52,69PowerBall6
Hottest Numbers For Wednesday23,28,39,1,8PowerBall17
Hottest Numbers For Saturday13,54,3,28,23PowerBall15

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